At Huyett, we stimulate the Culture of Excellence — a culture of self-respect, use of the Golden Rule, and servant leadership. Management cares about employees and significant efforts are made to ensure that the health and welfare of employees is taken care of.


Huyett is privately owned by the O’Keeffe family, whose primary operating goal is to build communities through efforts that include:


  • Annual Company Culture Survey
  • Team-Based Hiring
  • Public Recognition
  • Company Newspaper
  • Social Experiences
  • Christmas Party
  • Community Garden
  • Community Engagement
  • Event Tickets
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The Huyett management team operates from a basis of servant leadership. Managers are groomed, mentored, and developed to be humble, open-minded, and to practice good listening skills. Managers are directed to spend 15-20% of their time in coaching and mentoring. Tim O’Keeffe, CEO, frequently references employees as free agents as a reminder to all of the critical nature of providing an inspiring workplace and to nurture talent as a central corporate mission. Managers use a variety of tools to carry out these missions including:


  • Written Job Descriptions
  • On-Boarding Plans
  • Performance Feedback
  • Pay For Performance
  • Training
  • ASQ Society
  • Planning
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Tim O'Keeffe

Chief Executive Officer

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Scott Longfellow

Chief Operating Officer

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Dan Harriger

Vice President of Sales

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Scott Heemstra

Vice President of Operations

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In order to optimize the free agent experience, and more notably, the appeal to free agents in the region, Huyett offers a generous benefits package called “Huyett+Care.” The program is managed by a full time Company Benefits Manager, who is advised by an Employee Benefits Advisory Board. Together the Board and Manager consult with executive management on benefits design and schemes to improve the value of Huyett+Care to employees and their families.


In August of each year, a Company Benefits Fair is held in which employees and their families are provided with an opportunity to meet with benefits providers to ensure that the best decisions are made for the family in enrolling in Huyett+Care. A professional booklet is published as an additional reference. A summary of benefits include:


  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Non-Tobacco Initiative
  • Debit+Care
  • Supplemental Insurance
  • Long- and Short-Term Disability Insurance
  • Eye and Dental Care
  • 401K
  • Health+Center, company gym
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Huyett+Care is a generous benefits package offered to employees.
Personal Development is an area of great focus at G.L. Huyett.

Personal Development

Huyett is a fast-growing technology-driven company. To meet future needs, we need talent. And that talent, just like the Company, must evolve and develop to accommodate future changes in the way we do business. As such, we are committed to your personal development.

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Fair Policies and Practices

Huyett is an equal opportunity employer committed to the development and promotion of people of all ages, races, genders, gender preferences, religions, and otherwise. The Company practices principles of fairness and equity in all matters.

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G.L. Huyett - Established 1906


Huyett’s management and owners believe that trust is a cornerstone to building Community, which is the ultimate mission of the firm. Recognizing that transparency significantly supports trust, owners and managers are committed to open and transparent communications using the dynamics outlined here.