Growing the Huyett organization in order to nurture and improve the communities we serve — or in other words — create and develop a “Way of Life” in the same way a securely rooted tree stands strong and provides ample shade and protection from wind and rain for those who seek refuge under its broad canopy.

Tim O’Keeffe, CEO

Embracing Technology

While in an industrial industry, Huyett relies heavily on technology. Our management is quick to implement the very latest in technology tools, such as e-commerce, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and voice and optical character recognition to enhance our value proposition to our customers at the least possible cost. Some highlights:


  • Huyett has the highest percentage of e-commerce sales among its peers in the industrial fastener industry. This channel will continue to grow as B2B commerce embraces e-purchasing and procurement.
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being developed to improve the effectiveness of decision making in procurement, supply chain, and sales planning.
  • Optical character recognition is being deployed in support of an enterprise document management solution.
  • Voice recognition is in the planning horizon to improve the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse order picking.
  • Data analytics and the use of business intelligence are priorities as back-end support for the Company’s technology plan.


Career paths and roles: Software Developer, Programmer, IT Engineer, Network Support, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Algorithm, Technology Director,  Manager


Use of Regional Sales Team

With a diverse product line and multi-channel approach, Huyett is unique in the fastener industry for its use of direct sales people. Our sales team is highly-trained in product, applications engineering, and the principles of professional selling. They are equipped with business intelligence and reporting tools used to improve customer engagement, including the use of Customer Scorecards. The Company also uses Customer Relations Management (CRM) to improve visualization of opportunities and activity, and geo-mapping to plan canvasses.


Known as the “House of Representatives,” our Regional Sales Team covers the majority of the continental United States.


Career paths and roles: Regional Sales, Territory Sales, Channel Sales, Sales Director, Sales Representative, Sales Agent, Customer Service, Customer Service Manager, Customer Care Manager

In-House Advertising Agency

Huyett Advertising was founded in the late 1990’s to support Huyett’s product development and marketing efforts while supporting the Company’s mission of building communities. With the advent of the Internet and B2B commerce, the agency has had to learn and develop e-commerce and e-marketing functions to support strategic objectives including:


  • Catalog design, layout, and printing.
  • Forms creation and management.
  • Promotional flyers and print advertisements.
  • Website design and management.
  • E-marketing including search engine optimization (SEO) and promotional activities.
  • Trade show booth and trade show promotional development.
  • Company apparel design and order management.
  • Huyett Charities promotional management, including management of the annual Project Drive.


Career paths and roles: Graphic Designer, Graphic Artist, Web Developer, Web Designer, E-Commerce Developer, HTML, CSS, Programmer, Manager


Engineering Support

With over 100,000 unique standard parts and an in-house machine shop, the possibilities for custom part designs are nearly endless. By collaborating with sales teams, our engineering support staff provides:


  • Applications assistance to customers.
  • Product and technical support to our distributor customer base.
  • Problem solving.
  • Quality assurance and root cause analysis engagement and support.
  • Product and applications training to sales and customer service teams.
  • CAD/CAM drawing and modifications to customer-specific designs.
  • Product sourcing, including vendor evaluation.


Career paths and roles: Engineer, Sales Engineer, Product Support, Customer Service, Product Development, Applications Design, Applications Engineering


The world increasingly seeks customization, and with that, custom packaging and kitting. To address that need, Huyett operates a full-scale packaging and kitting facility. Using automated, semi-automated, and configured workstations, the Company cranks out tens of thousands of packages per day, in many formats and containers, often with customer-specific and application-specific labeling. The equipment is complicated, and planning work is an important part of ensuring that packaging costs meet customer expectations.


Some kits are uniform in nature, while others include an array of parts used for a specific assembly or process on a production line. Important product information may be printed and affixed to parts using labels, or is printed directly onto parts.


Career paths and roles: Technician, Inventory Control, Packaging, Kitting, Labeling, Machinery Operator, Planner, Scheduler, Supervisor, Manager, Team Leader



Manufacturing complements Huyett’s corporate strategy by expanding desirable product lines, increasing the firm’s engineering competence, and yielding customization opportunities. Along with a complete machine shop for cutting, milling, turning, grinding, tumbling, and machining, the Company has one of the largest stockpiles of cold-finished precision bright bars in the world.


Technology is also an important driver of productivity. Many of the fixtures and tooling used on our equipment are custom designed for specific processes and applications. Manufacturing is a priority area for future development as we expand into complementary processes that increase the breadth and depth of existing product lines, and create new ones.


Career paths and roles: Machinist, Technician, Operator, Production Manager, Production Supervisor, Materials Agent, Materials Manager, Planner, Scheduler, Inventory Control, Estimator, Engineer, Design, Drafting, CAD/CAM, Manufacturing, Manufacturing Manager, Operations Manager, Plant Manager, Sales Engineer

Global Sourcing

Huyett engages in world-wide procurement to ensure that its products are of the highest-quality and cost-effective. Supply Chain and Purchasing functions are supported with a Product and Price Data business unit so that current pricing remains market-competitive, and product attributes are robust and supportive of a search and transact e-commerce experience. The Company has experts in United States Customs enforcement, Harmonized Tariff (HTS) class codes, and freight brokerage and forwarding.

Career paths and roles: Supply Chain, Logistics, Product Development, Sourcing, Product Sourcing, Purchasing, Procurement, Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Manager, Procurement Director