On Boarding Plans

All new hires receive a written training plan at hire in order to accelerate their early personal development.


Performance Assessment

Employees receive three performance reviews annually that are designed to provide direct and factual feedback, performance against goals, and prescriptions for continuing personal development framed around opportunities.


Personal Development Planning

Employees are trained and given self-directed opportunities to conduct personal exploratory surveys and self-assessments with an objective of elevating self-awareness. In collaboration with managers, employees write a personal development plan and, with manager sponsorship, engages in actions that increase skills and competencies. 


Peer Support

Ad-hoc groups are encouraged and sponsored in and around book circles and joint studies, with an objective of elevating collective competency through shared experiences and feedback from peers.


Stairway to Excellence Program

This program includes a Company subsidy and support for employees to gain certification from the American Society of Quality (ASQ). ASQ certified employees serve as internal quality auditors and advisers, which inspires personal and organization continuous improvement activities.


Training Matrix

Plans are underway to develop and integrate a Training Matrix aligned to job descriptions that will provide definitive road maps for future job promotions.